We were recently approached by some of our members working in the area of paediatric care and child health who expressed an interest in having a special interest group for researchers working in this field.

In particular, there is an expressed interest to:

  • Improve collaboration across service providers and organisations directly caring for sick children
  • Get a better overview of the broad range of research taking place in Ireland on child health
  • Collaborate to address specific research and knowledge gaps with the view to inform practice, incl.
    • Transitions from paediatric to adult services
    • Holistic approaches to caring for sick children

Some of the activities the group will engage in:

  • Publish a Children’s Research Digest on ‘improving child health through research’
  • Literature review on transitions from paediatric to adult services
  • Collaborate on specific research projects
  • Act as a platform for people working in research on paediatric health care to discuss their work
  • Events related to child health
  • Identify research gaps

We have also been approached by several members looking for a greater focus on research with children with a disability. We therefore intend the working group to also include those working with children with a disability from a health perspective.

We invite anyone working in the areas of children’s health care and disability (from a health perspective) to become members of the Special Interest Group. While you do not have to be a member of the Children’s Research Network to attend the inaugural meeting, we do ask those who intend to participate going forward to become members (at an annual fee of €30).