The Introduction to MAXQDA workshop is  designed to get users up and running with MAXQDA a software tool for qualitative and mixed methods data analysis for Windows and Mac.

This three-hour (10am-1pm) workshop will provide hands-on training on the basics tools that MAXQDA offers, and will cover the following key areas: 

  • Getting started with MAXQDA
  • Coding qualitative data
  • Exploring your data with MAXQDA
  • Visual tools in MAXQDA 
  • Mixed-methods analysis

This workshop is suitable for anyone conducting qualitative or mixed-methods research who would like to learn more about using MAXQDA tools. This workshop is aimed at complete beginners in MAXQDA with more advanced workshops are available on request. Registration is currently open to members.

The workshop will be led by Ruth Geraghty, Data Curator for the Children’s Research Network. Ruth is a MAXQDA Professional Trainer and a qualitative researcher. A free 14-day trial version of MAXQDA can be downloaded from

Our workshop on the 29th March is now booked out. To register for the 30th March workshop contact Marian on