CSA/CE Research Special Interest Group

The CSA/CE Special Interest Group (SIG) was established in June 2019 to further support and collaboration among individuals interested in the area of research and evidence-informed practice in relation to Child Sexual Abuse and Child Exploitation.

Broadly this SIG seeks to advocate for a child and victim-focused system by working together to bring about significant changes in policy and/or legislation, relevant to child sexual abuse and perpetrators in Ireland.

The group is open to all members of the Children’s Research Network.

The Group is convened by a Chair Eimear Lacey and is supported by the Research Coordinator of the Children’s Research Network. Contact ChildrensResearchNetwork@tcd.ie about membership.

CSA-CE Research Bulletin Issue 2, November 2020

We're delighted to share our second CSA-CE Research Bulletin, this issue focusing Child Exploitation and compiled by Shaakya Vembar and JP O’Sullivan. We are hopeful that by dedicating a bulletin to this area we can contribute to raising awareness and knowledge of child exploitation. This is an issue that requires focus and attention.

CSA-CE Research Bulletin Issue 1, April 2020

We are delighted to publish our first CSA-CE Research Bulletin. Compiled by SIG Vice-Chair, Dr Joseph Mooney, the Bulletin compiles information on the SIG's activities- including our response to COVID-19, as well as insight into members' research, and useful resources.

CSA-CE SIG COVID-19 Response

Since the COVID-19 lockdown, the SIG has met virtually on two occasions. These occasions have been important opportunities to discuss our own professional worries at this time, especially regarding the sudden disconnection from many of the children and families we work with. We explored ways in which we could contribute to efforts to ensure ongoing connection with vulnerable, and now isolated, children and families. Pooling our professional expertise, we brought together public awareness-raising information which would be made available to any interested organisations across the country to utilise and build upon as appropriate to their needs. Already the materials have been utilised by regional teams within Tusla, and other community organisations, and showcased on RTE’s Six One News. We would be happy to share our work with any organisation – please get in touch. (Sample of an information leaflet shared by Tusla in Cork is included in the Bulletin above)

Recent Member Publication:
"Child sexual abuse disclosures: Does age make a difference?"

In December 2019, CSA/CE SIG member, Dr Rosaleen McElvaney and her colleagues published their piece "Child sexual abuse disclosures: Does age make a difference?" in Child Abuse and Neglect.

The literature is inconsistent as to the relationship between age at time of abuse and time to disclosure of child sexual abuse (CSA) and the factors that influence early disclosure. This study sought to investigate the relationship between age of child at time of disclosure, taking account of age at time of abuse, delay in disclosure, and the relationship, if any, between factors influencing disclosure (feeling distressed, being believed, fear, contact with alleged perpetrator, difficulty saying it, and being asked) and age at time of disclosure. The findings suggest that children of all ages need to be targeted for prevention efforts and a larger study is needed to investigate whether some psychological factors are more predictive of disclosure than others.


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