In this edition of the Children’s Research Digest the focus reflects the theme of our 2016 annual conference, ‘Building Resilience, Enhancing Social Support in the Lives of Children and Young People’. The decades immediately preceding and following the turn of the new millennium were largely concerned with mapping the interconnected harms children suffer as a result of poor parental care and degraded social environments. Recent years, however, have witnessed an increased concentration on what needs to be done to either prevent or ameliorate such harms to children. This has become especially important in the light of new evidence that demonstrates the physiological and psychological embedding of early adversity with subsequent consequences for individuals cast over their life-course. This brings huge costs, both to the individuals concerned and to the societies in which they live. In such situations, it is important to attend to the protective factors that may act to buffer an individual from the negative impacts of adversity. Resilience is one such important protective factor and represents the ability to cope and/or adapt to adversity.