This Research Bulletin on outdoor play is a new initiative of the recently launched special interest group on outdoor play research, under the Children’s Research Network. At the Network’s annual conference 2016, a group of members recognised a need to identify and disseminate research into outdoor play for children and young people. To act on this, the Children’s Research Network facilitated a Group to come together to work on identifying both completed and on-going research, and to identify knowledge gaps. This new Special Interest Group on Outdoor Play is open to all members of the Children’s Research Network. The Group is interested in both academic and practice-based research into outdoor play. In the context of this group, outdoor play refers to play in all settings including; playgrounds, parks, rural areas, urban neighbourhoods, schools, preschools, back gardens, and foot paths. It is focused on meeting the needs of all children and young people aged 0-18. 

The first issue of the Bulletin can be downloaded below. 

To join the Special Interest Group on Outdoor Play or for more information on the Group or the Research Digest, please contact the Network’s Research Coordinator, Maja ( 

The Bulletin will be published twice a year and the Group invites anyone with an interest in or knowledge on outdoor play to submit articles, opinion pieces, event/training information, book reviews and/or recommendations for good outdoor play spaces. Submissions can be emailed to with "Outdoor Play Bulletin" written in the subject line. Please note, submissions will only be accepted once the author has registered as a member with the Network.