2019 - A new era for the Children's Research Network

Sustainability is critical to the success of any network. The Atlantic Philanthropies' funding, which has generously supported the Network over the last four years, came to an end in December 2018. Over the previous 18 months, with the assistance of Centre for Effective Services (CES), considerable efforts had been made to sustain the future of the Network. This included seeking funding, building the Network and establishing relationships with organisations. The result of these efforts saw current oversight for the Network move from CES in early 2019 to Trinity Research in Childhood Centre (TRiCC), Trinity College Dublin. This move to TRiCC guarantees the continuation of the Network - and its aims and key activities - into the future.

To facilitate the transition, TRiCC employed Dr Derina Johnson as Research Coordinator, who worked closely with CES and the Network's Advisory Committee to ensure the smooth transfer of the Network to its new home.

A message from Professor Trevor Spratt, Director of Trinity Research in Childhood Centre (TRiCC)

“We were very pleased to be asked to consider the possibility of the Children's Research Network finding a new 'home' within Trinity. As networks grow and mature, forming new partnerships to increase reach and influence becomes a natural part of development.

The Trinity Research in Childhood Centre has similar aims to the Network, in that we seek to bring together researchers working in different disciplines to promote a common endeavour - the production and dissemination of research designed to improve the lives of children on this island and internationally. We believe that this compatibility of aims lays the foundation for the further development of new connections between members of the two networks. As members, drawn from the academic, professional and policy sectors across this island, meet each other and discover commonalities, new synergies will arise providing catalysts for new and exciting projects and initiatives.”

A Thousand Thank Yous!

With this move came some sad goodbyes. At the end of December, David Kenefick completed his tenure as Project Manager but remains very much involved as the newest member of the Network Advisory Committee. Ruth Geraghty remains in CES as Project Specialist, focusing on research data management, evidence curation and open data. She continues to be connected to the Network as an active member. James O’Connor also remains at CES, supporting several projects there. We sincerely thank David, Ruth and James for all their hard work with the Children's Research Network. 

Visit the TRiCC website for more information