The COVID 19 pandemic has disrupted the play world(s), friendship groups and potentially the wellbeing of every child and teenager in the country.

Playgrounds, creches, schools and sports clubs are closed, after school activities are cancelled and children and teenagers cannot meet and hang out with their friends as they used to.

These are hugely significant changes in the day to day lives and routines of Irish children and teenagers.

To access the views, experiences and opinions of children, teenagers and their parents we have developed an online survey questionnaire on this topic.

The survey runs from 8am Tuesday 26th May until midnight on Tuesday 2nd June.

If you would like to take part the link is

Please share the survey with any organisations you feel may be interested in taking part in the survey

Thank you,

Dr Carol Barron

More Information

What is this all about?
It’s about the impact of the coronavirus restrictions on children and teenager's ability to hang out, play and maintain their friendship groups in Ireland and Italy.

Why are we doing the study?

The Irish Government imposed significant restrictions with regards to human movement since March 12th 2020 to try and reduce the risk of the COVID-19 disease spreading within Ireland. These included: the closure of playgrounds; sports clubs, schools and after school activities. People were advised to social distance themselves from non immediate family members. Very similar restrictions were imposed in Italy also and the purpose of this study is to

a) understand the impact of COVID-19 restrictions on children’s and teenager's ability to meet your friends, hang out and play and

b) identify any strategies you as a parent or your children found helpful in maintaining their friendships and day to day play worlds.

This information may help us to be better prepared to support parents, children and young people during this time and if we were to encounter such events in the future.

What is involved?

If you would like to take part in the study, we ask that you give your consent and then complete a series of short online survey questionnaires about the impact of the coronavirus restrictions on your child’s ability to hang out, play and maintain their friendship groups. These questionnaires should take about 15 minutes in total. After you complete your section of the survey, there is a second part for children/teenagers to complete themselves (it is important to obtain the child’s view on their play). Children from 10 years onward should have the literacy skills necessary to complete the survey themselves.

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