We are pleased to invite presenters at our 2018 conference to submit a paper based on their presentation for the next Conference issue of the Children’s Research Digest to be published in Summer 2019.

The theme of the conference was “Growing up in the Digital Environment”.

Contemporary children and young adults are distinct from their predecessors as they are the first generation to grow up ‘entirely digital’ where their daily environment is continuously shaped by technology. Their participation in the digital age is an emergent area for policy making, as evidence by the recent establishment of National Advisory Council on Online Safety, the digital age of consent debate, and the introduction of stronger legislation on digital privacy (GDPR) in 2018. Growing up in the digital age provides a diverse range of opportunities and risks for children and young people across many areas of their lives.

We are delighted to announce that we will have two Guest Editors for this issue - Cliona Curley from CyberSafeIreland - one of our wonderful conference key note speakers - to contribute a practice-based perspective, and Ruth Geraghty from the Centre for Effective Services, who was instrumental in making the Conference happen, to add an academic lens.

All presenters at the CRN 2018 Conference are invited to submit an article or summary.

General Guidelines

The Children’s Research Digest invites articles for submissions from members for each thematic issue. The Digest is our peer reviewed journal that provides a platform to those working in children’s research to disseminate their research findings, policy analysis or synthesis of on-going research.  The Review has an open access policy and will be distributed as a pdf to members of the network and beyond, and electronically on the website of the Children’s Research Network.  Submissions for each issue should address the thematic focus of the particular issue and can be written by academics, practitioners or policy makers. The Digest has an ISSN number for both its print and online issues and should be made freely available.

All papers submitted should be well written, free from errors and relevant references provided. It is very important that no plagiarism of other’s work occurs. Where an author wishes to reproduce a graph/figure/table/photo in its entirety, relevant permissions of the original author must be provided.

The Digest accepts two types of submissions:

1) Short articles of between 1500 and 1800 words (excluding references tables/graphs) that can take the format of review pieces, short research articles or analysis of relevant policy/legislation. They should address the thematic focus of the particular issue and should be broadly based on research relating to children and young people.

2) Research summaries of up to 600 words that provide a link to research that has already been published elsewhere or may be based on research that is intended to be published elsewhere.

A more detailed style guide is attached.  

Reviewing Process

All articles will undergo a review process, whereby their articles will be sent to a minimum of one reviewer and generally to two reviewers. The guest and assistant editors will decide on the appropriate reviewer for each article.  The process of review will not be blind (anonymous) for the author, but discretion and confidentiality will be assured.  The reviewers may remain anonymous. Where a reviewer has a conflict of interest, this shall be declared by the reviewer to the editor or assistant editor and an alternative reviewer shall be appointed. The reviewer will be asked to provide feedback which is fair and explained clearly and this will be communicated with the author.  The final decision to publish rests with the editorial committee, having due regard to the reviewer’s comments and the author’s response to them. Articles may be:

(i) accepted in their entirety

(ii) accepted subject to revisions (major or minor)

(iii) declined either due to issues of quality or lack of relevance to the particular issue. A suggestion may be made to submit an article for a future issue if deemed appropriate.

Regard will be had in particular to:

  • Relevance of paper to conference theme and highlighting implications for practice and policy
  • A good range of papers addressing different topics, age ranges, disciplines etc.
  • Papers written in a succinct and accessible format, with clear structure and without overuse of technical jargon

Submit your research

To submit your article or summary, email an electronic copy to ChildrensResearchNetwork@tcd.ie together with a completed submission form. Please note that in order to have your submission accepted you have to be a member of the Children's Research Network. You can register to become a member at the bottom of the page. 

For any queries about the process or the Digest, please contact Derina on ChildrensResearchNetwork@tcd.ie