The Children’s Research Network held a practical workshop on 'Conducting Literature Reviews'. This took place at our office in 9 Harcourt Street, Dublin 2 on Thursday, 16th November, 6-8pm. 

This was a workshop in the CRN Research Skills Workshop Series , aimed at practitioner researchers and research interested professionals, including early years educators, social workers, youth workers, teachers, international development practitioners, research consultants and early career academics. The School consists of a series of workshops held on Thursday evenings, including sessions on sampling and recruitment; data collection methods; data analysis and training in different software packages; practitioner research; introduction to statistical analysis; ethics; and conducting literature searches and reviews. The full series is available here: http://www.childrensresearchne...

In this workshop on conducting literature reviews, participants were guided through the process of reviewing literature from the start of an initial idea to the conclusion of a research project. There was ample opportunity for practical exercises and discussion. The basics of systematic literature reviews was also covered. 

Participants had the opportunity to work closely with one of CES' project specialists, Chris Minch, with vast experience in conducting literature reviews, along with the chief editor of the Children's Research Digest, the Network's coordinator, Maja Haals Brosnan, with extensive experience of academic writing and literature reviewing. 

Who attended 

This event was of interest to researchers, practitioners and service providers who are about to plan or commence or have just begun a new research project.